Jazz with Federica Lorusso Quartet


Federica Lorusso's music, largely inspired by the traditional post-bop,has acquired various elements of innovation over time, being subject to theinfluences of famous artists such as Brad Mehldau, with sounds that can beheard in some works by Shai Maestro. However, there is no lack of influencesfrom Italian songwriting, pop and classical music. Federica's music has theparticularity of being enriched by her voice which often creates harmonies orcounterpoints on the piano lines, with a particular acoustic result. Her musicis enriched by the energy and talent of Egidio Gentile on drums, DavidMacchione on double bass and completed by the warm and lyrical performance ofClaudio Jr De Rosa on saxophone, which gives the project a particular flavor.

The Quartetis releasing an album titled "Outside Introspections", whose oxymoronrepresents one of the values that guide Federica Lorusso's artistic path: theimportance of sharing one's interiority in order to create something unique, incommunication with sensations and impressions that music can arouse in thosewho listen to it and in those who play it. Federica also is collaborating witha photographer, Giuseppe De Santis, in order to expand her music and observehow it can transform in the eyes of others.

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